Small Celebrations with Big Heart

I was hoping my day of patriotism would include some camping, but both my and Mr. Rose’s work schedule prevented such a plan. Now, I’m glad, because it allowed me to opportunity to enjoy another year of the Ester Parade.

Ester is the town outside of Fairbanks where I grew up. It consists of a post office, a bar, and a cast of characters. “Miners and hippies,” as some extremists might deduce.

Our parade is free to all, and is made up largely of young children on bikes. We have the typical fire engines, a few politicians, and the rest is filled in by the aforementioned zany town residents. It meanders down a dirt road to our community park, ending in a potluck and a lot of reminiscing.

Miss Piggy! Its her 7th year in the parade, and she seems to enjoy the attention.

Super Grover! Another member of the “Occupy Sesame Street” float

Oh how I would love a little home with a patio such as this…

Calypso Farms, throwing beets instead of candy. My kind of float!

Strumming in the park.



The Ester Parade isn’t big or terribly exciting, but I never regret going. Its a gentle annual reminder of the wonderful place I came from.  At work later in the night, I was watching the giant NYC celebration broadcast, and was very content with my little celebration here in Ester, AK.


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